We are thrilled to announce the formation of the Swiss Association of Crypto Investors (SACI), a non-profit organization based in Lugano, Switzerland.

SACI was created in response to the increasing role that the blockchain technology plays in the Swiss economy and in consideration of the strategic importance that it is going to hold in the country future. The
Swiss Association of Cypto Investors takes place in this innovative ecosystem and aims to foster its growth in terms of security, expertise and safeguard of the investors as well as the stability of the market.

Swiss Association of Crypto Investors’ mission is to:

  • Broaden and enrich the knowledge and expertise of its members in crypto investments and blockchain technology, by supporting the research and studies in these fields;
  • Encourage and stimulate the debate within the fintech sector;
  • Promote and develop the best practises for private and institutional crypto investors in Switzerland.

SACI aims to become the pivotal point of reference for the tax and regulatory authorities in Switzerland as well as promoting the inter-disciplinary collaboration among organizations and associations that share the same goals.