Great evening and outstanding participation on the 4th of April for the SACI Kick-off Event despite the rain…after all, what is a bit of rain for those who survived the crypto winter 🙂

Held at USI Auditorium in Lugano, the event was a success thanks to all the attendees who actively participated to the event.

A special thanks to the speakers:

  1. Brunello Pianca, SACI President and Diego Cesarei, SACI Vicepresident who introduced the Association, its mission, partners and its goals;
  2. Alberto Plazzi, Associate Professor of Finance at USI Lugano, who presented the partnership between SACI and USI and its benefits;
  3. Massimo Morini, Banca IMI and Professor at USI Lugano who talked about Cryptocurrency as asset class;
  4. Julian Truniger, CEO Bitconsult who explained the Best practices for custody solutions for retail investors;
  5. Last but not least, Leonardo Cavalleri, Director of World Trade Center Lugano who took on the taxation aspect outlining an easy and helpful guideline.

Thanks to the speakers who took part in the final discussion panel: Ophelia Snyder, Prof. Giacomo Poretti, Lars Schlichting and Massimo Morini. They were moderated by Dr. Giw Zanganeh, SACI Founding member.

Special mention to our main sponsors who helped us to create an outstanding event: Zentilleon, Amun and Monetum and our partners: UniversitĂ  della Svizzera Italiana (USI), Bitconsult, World Trade Center Lugano, SLTA.

Enjoy the pictures taken of the event and keep an eye on our blog, we’ll soon upload the speakers’ videos of the evening.

See you at the next one!



Interesting discussion during the Final Panel:

Networking Apero: