About Us

The Swiss Association of Crypto Investors (SACI) is a non-profit association created in response to the increasing role that the blockchain technology plays in the Swiss economy and in consideration of the strategic importance that it is going to hold for the country.

Our mission


Broaden and enrich the knowledge and expertise of its members in crypto investments and blockchain technology, by supporting the research and studies in these fields.


Encourage and stimulate the debate within the fintech sector.


Promote and develop the best practices for private and institutional crypto
investors in Switzerland.

The Swiss Association of Crypto Investors takes place in this innovative ecosystem and aims to foster its growth in terms of security, expertise and safeguard of the investors as well as the stability of the market. 

SACI aims to become the pivotal point of reference for the tax and regulatory authorities in Switzerland as well as promoting the inter-disciplinary collaboration among organizations and associations that share the same goals.

SACI Policy Framework includes the Ethical Code and the Statutes of the Association.

By becoming a SACI member, you agree to acknowledge and understand our Policy Framework.

A Team Of Professionals

Brunello Pianca


With over 30 years experience in Asset Management, Brunello is a finance industry veteran. He advised institutional clients (pension funds, banking trust, insurances and financial groups) as well as private companies.

During his eclectic career he held several functions – trader, arbitrageur, portfolio and fund manager, risk manager, advisor, CFO, CEO, and board director. His long-term passion for technology led him to first discovering and then studying Blockchain and Cryptoassets supported by a genuine enthusiasm.

Blockchain’s revolutionary and disruptive characteristics on the one hand – DLT has the potential to contribute to readdressing an historical inequality, notably the unfair allocation of both work and capital – and thus the strong positive impact it could have on the everyday life of millions of human beings on the other, represents one of the drivers of Brunello’s involvement.

In order to promote a more objective message regarding blockchain and crypto investments as well as to supporting everyone who firmly believes that technological progress is a mean of improving their living conditions by overcoming the invisible barriers imposed by post-modern societies, a group of passionate visionaries has decided to set up the Swiss Association of Crypto Investors (SACI), a no profit organization of which Brunello is honored to be President.

Diego Cesarei

Diego Cesarei

Vice President

Diego is an economist, covering different managerial roles and working in various countries he gathered relevant experience in the financial services and banking sectors.

Naturally curious and passionate for innovation, his career gave him the precious opportunity to work on new revolutionary technologies such as Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. Like many, his interest for the blockchain grows proportionally with his understanding of the possible social and economic implications of this incredible technology. The decentralized nature of the technology, its promise of freedom and disintermediation, its resistance to regulation, urge, like never before, for the need of empower and educate its users. Whit this mission in mind, Diego is honoured to be a founding member and one of the vice-presidents of SACI.

Giw Zanganeh

Giw Zanganeh


Giw has been working in the field of innovative technologies since 2009 and developed throughout his career several new technologies in the renewable energy sector.

Giw’s patents and ideas have led to the funding of several cross-institutional R&D projects with some of the world’s highest ranking academic institutions, such as ETH Zurich and EPFL. He is further a “crypto-enthusiast” and owns the “Lugano Cryptocurrency Meetup” that organizes regularly events for the crypto community.

In 2017, he was chosen by the prestigious St. Gallen Symposium as one of the Leaders of Tomorrow. He is a founding member and treasurer of SACI.

Claudio Grassi

Claudio Grassi

Founding Member

Physicist, Claudio started his career in aerospace research.

He is an ICT and Blockchain specialist, lecturer, trainer and consultant with strong competence in smart contracts development.

Claudio is a highly regarded technology expert in comprehensive ICO organization and related roll-out programs, adding measurable value in any single stage of the process. He served as Senior Software architect and Head of IT with European major financial institutions, with 25+ years of diversified experience in ICT management, software analysis, design and development. An eclectic passionate of crypto world since its very early stages.

Francesco Piras

Francesco Piras

Marketing & Communications Manager

Francesco is an entrepreneur working in the Crypto industry since 2014. Mentor and evaluator in European projects in the DLT field.

In 2017 he co-founded in Estonia one of the first token sale consultancy firm. For 5 years he was President of Bitcoin Sardegna, a prominent Italian non profit association. In 2006 Francesco worked for Google as a Quality Rater. In 2018 he obtained the certification for “Blockchain Technologies: Business Innovation and Application” at the MIT Sloan School of Management (USA). Over 20 years of experience in the Tech sector, with C-level positions in Business Development and Marketing & Sales for various software companies.

Stefano Marsiglia

Stefano Marsiglia

Co Founder

Stefano Marsiglia, SACI’s co-Founder, is a professional with over 30 years experience in the U.S. Securities industry, having worked for major Wall Street’s Investment Banks as an executive.

At the moment, he is engaged in various Private Equities investments and he is an early-stage investor in Trendrating SA and Xtribe Plc. His attitude is to be a medium to long term investor.

Additionally, he still advises institutional clients regarding investment opportunities in the U.S. markets.

Innovative technologies represent a key area among his interests, and so blockchain and the crypto industry.

Arnoldo Ardia

Arnoldo Ardia

Founding Member

Arnoldo Ardia, is the co-founder of the Swiss Association of Crypto Investors and a Business Developer for Brick42 Sagl. Arnoldo has been an advisor and consultant in the fields of environmental and building technologies, medical device logistics as well as personal life and pension insurance.

Arnoldo brings his experience to BrightNode as a senior advisor.

Fabrizio Sartori

Fabrizio Sartori

Founding Member

Professional with over 30 years of experience in the Investment Management Industry, Fabrizio works at Lemanik SA as Relationship Manager, specializing in Institutional Investors. His passion about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology brought him to be part of this incredible journey: creating the first non-profit association in Switzerland who focuses on crypto investors.

Fabrizio is proud to be a SACI Founding Member and share his vision on such important topics.